Our team consists of specialists in the field of communication and information management. We studied journalism, PR and marketing at the University of Warsaw. We have 7 years experience in conducting PR campaigns and building the image of our customers. The day starts an hour for the media. They are our partners in their daily work. Media is our passion and knowledge of its use in everyday work.

Łukasz Jakubiak


Amelia Jakubiak

Senior Project Manager

Mikołaj Gac

motion designer

Piotr Putko

Video Editor

Mirosław Kaźmierczak

operator / editor

Paweł Krzyżoszczak

operator / editor

Dominik Greinert

asystent produkcji

Beata Woźniakowska

Account Manager

Emilia Staciwa

make-up artist / stylist

Kamil Dymek

operator drona - AIR MEDIA

Dorota Olczyk

make up